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  • The Cementos Portland Valderrivas Group team is made up of more than 1,000 workers in Spain, Tunisia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Our Human Resources Policy is based on ten principles which highlight aspects such as motivation, promotion of talent, professional development and equality of treatment and opportunities between men and women. The Human Resources Policy of the Cementos Portland Valderrivas Group is based on these ten principles of action:

    • Leadership and involvement of the General Management in the promotion of a common culture of commitment to the entity.
    • Stimulate growth to guarantee the stability and sustainability of the Group.
    • Promotion of greater integration, motivation and performance of the human team.
    • Research, retention and promotion of talents as a competitive difference, promoting the training and development of our human potential.
    • Ensure the coverage of the needs of the company by privileging internal promotion.
    • Establish policies and action plans aimed at guaranteeing the Health and Safety of Group employees as a permanent and fundamental objective.
    • Internal communication as a tool for understanding and collaboration between all levels of the organization.
    • Promote respect for the Social Law for the Integration of Disabled People.
    • Ensure that Group workers benefit from fair and equitable treatment. Respect the dignity, rights and contribution of employees.
    • Guarantee respect for the law on equality. The Group has an Equality Plan whose objectives are equal treatment and opportunities for women and men and the elimination of all traces of discrimination based on sex.




100 years of history, 3 continents, and more than 1,000 professionals

More than 100 years of history in the sector, working on 3 continents and managing multidisciplinary teams have enriched us, giving us a very solid foundation that looks to the future with enthusiasm.

More than 1,000 professionals develop their professional careers in the Group aligned with the Company’s values; caring for the environment, continuous training and mutual respect … Thanks to them and their efforts, today we are leaders in our markets.