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Protection and respect for human rights are part of our corporate culture in accordance with our code of ethics and conduct, and we demand the same degree of protection from our partners, collaborators and suppliers.

The group is committed to health, safety, professional development and respect for people, one of our main challenges being the satisfaction and motivation of our human team.

The prevention of occupational risks and the well-being of our employees and collaborators constitutes a differentiating element and an indispensable requirement for the Group. Based on the Health and Safety Policy approved in the Group, we develop different action plans that achieve our objectives.

In developing our culture of prevention, we count on the commitment of all employees and the health and safety committees.

How do we achieve it?

Through the Management Systems certified in accordance with the Ohsas Standard ISO 45001, which help us to integrate safety in all our operations and facilitate the control of compliance with all legal requirements regarding Occupational Risk Prevention.