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Its location near the highway, the airport and near the new deep water port allows it to distribute its products to customers in the area as well as those who are elsewhere.

It has a quarry, crusher, crude grinding, coal mill and several clinker production lines with cement mills, bagging, bulk cement and palatization lines.

Today the production is 1,750,000 tons of Clinker and 2,100,000 tons of Cement.


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CEM I 42.5 N SR3

Grey cement of high strength recommended for the realization of concrete in sulfates environments and sea water.

Recommendations for use

  • Works in aggressive environments due to the action of sulphates in water or land and in the marine environment.
  • High resistance concrete.
  • Concrete in large masses.
  • Plant concretes and stabilized mortars.
  • Precast concrete.

CHA - 10


Artificial lime is a hydraulic product whose essential elements are active ingredients that are chosen and processed in such a way to reach a high plasticity, low cracking and medium value mechanical strength.


50kg bag on pallet, on truck and train platform.

Areas of use:

  • Common masonry (mortar)
  • Cast

CEM I 42,5 N

Its quality gives it a suitable industrial use for the production of precast concrete and precast elements.


High mechanical resistance: The short-term and current resistance (28 days) achieves a cement that allows that the concrete obtains high resistance.

Limited specific area: Allows the preparation of concrete with a small amount of water to maintain its plasticity and limit the risk of shrinkage.


  • 50kg bag on pallet, on truck and train platform.
  • Bulk

Areas of use:

  • Ready to use concrete
  • High strength reinforced concrete (bearing structures)
  • Precast reinforced concrete elements (Beams)
  • Jobs that demand exceptional mechanical performance
  • CEM concrete mortar I 42.5 N
  • Large-scale work (Dams)
  • Precast reinforced concrete products (blocks, slabs, interlocks, etc)
  • Concrete: foundation, fill
  • Deferred stripping of formwork

CEM II/A-L 32,5 N

The quality of this product gives it a suitable industrial use.


Excellent Malleability: The prepared mortars demonstrate better plasticity

Low risk of cracking: Releases little heat during hydration processes


  • 50kg bag on pallet, on truck and train platform.
  • Bulk

Areas of use:

  • Reinforced concrete or not
  • Precast reinforced concrete elements
  • Industrial flooring
  • Concrete for roads
  • Common masonry (mortar)
  • Yesos
  • Foundations, underground works in an aggressive environment